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Businesses have to remain competitive and operate in an efficient manner in today’s commercial market place. To help achieve that your business should ideally have the most up to date fleet of vehicles and equipment including state of the art information technology.

Your business may be cash rich and able to fund the purchase of such items without impacting on cash flow but it may not necessarily be the most tax advantageous way of replacing vehicles and equipment. 

Benefits of Leasing

  • Leasing provides an excellent alternative to funding in the more traditional ways as it frees up working capital that can then be used perhaps towards the funding of new orders thus increasing the profitability of the business.
  • Leasing can sometimes provide certain tax advantages over other forms of purchasing vehicles and equipment that any business would welcome. For instance, assets that are leased remain off the balance sheet.
  • Leasing also enables your business to upgrade its fleet of vehicles and equipment on a regular basis that will assist in maintaining and gaining new contracts as it confirms the businesses state of well-being in the eyes of existing and potential new customers.

Benefits of using a Leasing Broker

An experienced, quality leasing broker will be a member of a recognized regulatory body, trained and qualified to the highest standard and operates within a strict code of conduct to give you complete peace of mind.

A leasing broker has access to a panel of finance companies so is able to assist you by sourcing the most competitive deal in the market place to match your business’s requirements often being able to negotiate improved rates and approval conditions including the reduction or waving of fees that it would be unlikely you could achieve.

He or she, who will be your sole point of contact, can do this quicker than you could thus enabling you to devote more time to doing what you are good at – running a successful business.

In recommending the most suitable leasing package to you a leasing broker will take into account any tax advantages that your business may benefit from.

It is also worth noting that an increasing number of people are now considering personal vehicle leasing as an option to the usual ways of funding the purchase of a car.

DO YOUR NUMBERS … Dealers offer 0% interest, but will not discount the vehicle or equipment, more often than not a reasonable discount will be worth more to you than the 0% interest deal.




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